How We're Supporting PAs In Nevada

Nevada Academy of Physician Assistants, since the beginning of 2014, has had a complete overhaul of its web site, leadership and vision, and our membership has tripled within 2014. We greatly appreciate those who have held leadership roles within NAPA in the past.

We now have a vision of encouraging all PAs in the State of Nevada to join NAPA. NSMA (Nevada State Medical Association) and CCMS (Clark County Medical Society) through State Senator Joe Hardy have submitted a BDR (Bill Draft Request) to the legislative body in Carson City. This new BDR can be found on the GAC (Government Affairs Committee) page. If this BDR were to pass, Nevada would be the first United State in the last six years to implement restrictive changes onto the PA profession. These restrictive changes do not increase patient care or safety. There is no supporting documentation from NSMA or CCMS that would help support their BDR position.

Now is the time to join NAPA and show your support. Please consider joining us in fighting against NEW restrictive laws imposed on our profession. If this BDR as written were to become law it would negatively affect you and every other PA in the state of Nevada. We are only a strong organization because of our members, and support of our supervising physicians.

List of Changes Submitted in BDR
Extensive Fact Sheet on BDR 260
Short Fact Sheet on BDR 260

Become a Member

Nevada Academy of Physician Assistants is dedicated to the promotion of our profession in Nevada, and we need your support for our continued growth. Every Physician Assistant in Nevada is important. We are a strong organization with strength in numbers and support.  

Become a Member

Benefits of Membership

  • NAPA is the only Physician Assistant organization in Nevada actively promoting the PA profession via public education efforts.
  • NAPA advocates for the PAs in Nevada and there is strength in numbers. With more NAPA members, comes more influence. We are in need of hiring a Lobbyist to fight against a recent BDR submitted to Carson City to restrict PA practice. Your membership is needed. Healthcare reform in Nevada is inevitable and will affect PAs hopefully for the better. We need NAPA in Carson City discussing the national impact on state healthcare and how it will influence you and your practice. We need you behind us.
  • NAPA is aggressively lobbying to protect our profession in Carson City and with the NSBME to help enact legislation that promotes our profession and the physician/PA team concept, and legislation to promote and protect the health of Nevada citizens. We are against any new legislation that restricts our profession.
  • NAPA is now recognized as a well respected voice for PAs at all levels of local and state government offices.
  • NAPA is recognized by the AAPA, NSMA, NSBME, and the AMA and other health care groups as the only representative of the PA profession in our state.
  • Representation in the AAPA House of Delegates.
  • Most up-to-date information on the PA profession thru our newsletter.
  • We now have an exceptional website that is updated daily with a wealth of information on state issues, the PA profession, the latest news and information for PAs and students in Nevada, and we have the largest PA career center of any on-line site for Nevada. Our online membership directory is coming together; we are working on a center for mentoring and precepting opportunities.
  • Access to a NAPA members only section of our website.
  • We schedule well organized regional dinners for PAs for over ten years.
  • NAPA is creating student scholarships for PA students.
  • NAPA promotes the PA profession through the education of professionals and the general public. We will continue to work to publicize our great profession.

NAPA BOD Meeting


This meeting is scheduled for January 26, 2015.  An Agenda will be placed onto the website no later then January 19, 2015

From the National Governors Association


Physician assistants (PAs) make up a small but rapidly expanding part of the health care workforce. Their training and education produce a sophisticated and flexible medical professional who can function in many specialty areas and [...]

Meeting: November 10, 2014 at 7:00PM


2014 Schedule for Nevada Academy of Physician Assistant Board Of Directors Upcoming Meeting.

November 10, 2014 @ 7 PM

Contact Liz Kang for location.

(All Active members are welcome to attend Meeting with BOD).